decimal comma instead of point in cell-editing doesn't work

I found out, that even the example on the dhtmlxgrid-page doesn’t work, if I try to change the decimal point;
I did this:

  1. took the example from … ormat.html

changed the row
as I would need the decimal separator “,” (=comma) and the thousands separator “.”

I also tried to add following rows, as it didn’t work, but it didn’t changed

the problem is the following:

  • when the grid is showing the rows, everything is ok
  • when I start editing the column 0 with the new decimal separator comma,
    I’m not able to handle it with the comma; I still need to work with the decimal point,
    and then it works
    (but my users won’t use the decimal point, as in our country the decimal separator is still the comma “,”)

what am I to change to make editing of numeric cells working with changed decimal separator?
I add to this question a print-screen showing the problem and the changed html (just those 2-3 lines) and the used xml (still the same as the one of your example) (47.7 KB)

nobody else has similiar problems? should be a problem for a lot of European countries, isn’t it like that? maybe I simply didn’t find the solution in the documentation? how do other users come along with this situation, which should happen very often, as it is very basic …
previous projects were done with 3.6-version and never heard of a similar situation … someone’s able to open my eyes and show me my mistake? thanks!

Unfortunately this is the expected behavior.
number is formatted in the cell view only.
in the editor you will have a common js number, just like in your xml.

I have the exact same problem and found my own solution:

  • I use the onEditCell event
  • I check for stage 2 of this event (see docs)
  • At this stage I also check that the new value is what I need
  • I also check that it is the correct column to do this with (In my case colIndex:2)
  • I replace komma with dot of the nValue
  • I set the cell vallue to this value
  • Done.

        mygrid.attachEvent("onEditCell", function(stage,rowId,colIndex,nValue=false,oValue=false) {

            if(stage==2 && colIndex=2 && nValue!=false) {
                var newValue=nValue.replace(',','.');
                mygrid.cells(rowId, 2).setValue(newValue);

            return true

Hope it helps!