Default and Unit View


I am working on building a scheduler. The scheduler will display the person who is currently logged on, as well as showing a unit tab with the schedules for the day of all 5 employees.

My problem is showing the schedule of the person currently logged in. If I limit my query to only returning the rows of who is logged in, the unit tab wont have the rows for the other employees. If I query for everything, then the unit tab displays all the necessary information, but the Day | Week | Month tabs shows everyone’s schedule.

Is there any way to limit what is shown in the ‘default’ view similar to using the property option in the units view? Or can I just use a separate SQL Query for both the unit view and the ‘default’ view?

To Recap: Day | Week | Month tabs to only show schedule of person currently logged in. Unit tab to display everyone’s schedule.



Check “filtering” functionality

Something like next can be used

scheduler.filter_day = function(id, event){ if(event.user_id == active_user_id) return true; return false; // event will be filtered (not rendered) };