Default plus sign?


I want to load data’s dynamically in the tree,when ever the user clicks the plus button…

So 1st iam loading a parent node with 3 child nodes.The 3 child node inturn will surely have child nodes which i want to bring only when the user clicks the plus button.

Is there any way to put a default plus sign??

I want to handle the click event only for the child nodes and bring their child nodes through XML.How should we do this???

Should i write another XML or can i append along with the one i wrote initialy for writing the parent nodes???

Tree has built in support for dynamical loading.
You need
    a) add tree.setXMLAutoLoading command to the tree init
    b) in XML generated for top level, items which need to be loaded dynamically must have “child” atribute … ml#dyntree

Thanks for your response…I have few more doubts…
function doOnLoad(){ var jobNavigationString; jobNavigationString = “”; tree1=new dhtmlXTreeObject(‘jobNavigationBox’,“100%”,“100%”,0);  tree1.setImagePath(“images/”);  tree1.enableHighlighting(true);  // enable/disable tree lines  tree1.enableTreeLines(true);  // set plus images  tree1.setImageArrays(“plus3.gif”,“plus2.gif”,“plus4.gif”,“plus.gif”,“open2.gif”);  //set minus images  tree1.setImageArrays(“minus3.gif”,“minus2.gif”,“minus4.gif”,“minus.gif”,“close2.gif”);  //set default node images  tree1.setStdImages(“safe_close.gif”,“safe_open.gif”,“safe_close.gif”);  tree1.setXMLAutoLoading(jobNavigationString); tree1.loadXML(jobNavigationString); tree1.setOnOpenHandler(aFunc); }
function aFunc (id){ alert(id); jobNavigationString = “”+id; tree1.loadXML(jobNavigationString);}
This is how iam doing…
But here every time i click the plus(+) button the server side code gets excecuted and loads the child nodes but next time again i click it should close the node and minus (-) should come,but instead
again server call happens and duplicate data’s are coming…Is there any function to determine the close functionality or am i missing some thing?

The code which you are using has custom onOpen handler, which will call data loading each time when item closed|opened.
Basically, if you are using xml auto-loading mode, you need not use any additional handlers.

// tree1.setOnOpenHandler(aFunc);  <= this line is not necessary, the grid will call loadXML automatically in auto-loading mode

Thank you again…I commented the But iam not very clear with the flow where we change the URL…
I implemented this way,
  .  // Tree implementation  .  jobNavigationString = “”;  jobNavigationString1 = “”;  jobNavigationString2 = “”;  tree1.loadXML(jobNavigationString);  tree1.setXMLAutoLoading(jobNavigationString1);
Now this loads the first level of child…Now how will i proceed further toload the next level of child nodes with URL jobNavigationString2???
When i simply give
  tree1.setXMLAutoLoading(jobNavigationString2); …The second level of child is only loaded…
what is XMLAutoLoadingBehaviour command???Can you pls give an example???

By default component will use url , defined by setXMLAutoLoading command for all next levels.
If you need different urls for different levels , you can try the next

    tree1.setXMLAutoLoadingBehaviour(“function”); //instead of url, function will be expected as parameter of setXMLAutoLoading
    tree1.setXMLAutoLoading(function(id){   //will be called each time when data requested
       var level = tree1.getLevel(id);
       var url="";
        if (level == 2) url=jobNavigationString1;   //different urls for different levels
        if (level == 3) url=jobNavigationString2;
       grid.loadXML(url+"&id="+id);   //load data