Default the First column of the week view to today


In the scheduler for the week view the first day is always Monday of the current week.

I would like to use the calendar for bookings so can the first column in the week view be today and show the next 6 days.

So today the first day in the week calendar view would be Sun 26/10.


the week view can’t be configured that way, so you’ll need implement a custom view.
On the server side you add a class inherited from SchedulerView with arbitrary name and value of ViewType property:

[code]using DHTMLX.Scheduler.Controls;

public class CustomWeek : SchedulerView
public CustomWeek() : base()
Name = ViewType = “custom_week”;
} [/code]
On the client side you specify the behaviour of the view as described in this article

After that your custom view can be added to DHXScheduler.Views configuration

Check the ready example, class declaration is in App_Code/CustomWeek.cs and JS is in Scripts/scheduler-view.js (245 KB)