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I’m an intern, and I need more explication for an option : full day.

How I can change the time in full day ? Instead of having 00:00 as time by default, I shall like having 08:30 - 17:30.

I add the option “full-day” to true.
I am using dhtmlxscheduler MVC sample
Thanks a lot,


You need to redefine source code to set another values for start and end dates instead of 00:00 … r.js#L5283

Thanks you, I’ll check that !

mmh, I think we haven’t the same source code :neutral_face: . I don’t find the code source.

EDIT : I think I found the source code, but, I don’t undestand what I have to change :blush:.
I think that that’s it :

scheduler.config.wide_form||(h=e.previousSibling.innerHTML+h),e.previousSibling.innerHTML=h,e._full_day=!0}var _=e.previousSibling.getElementsByTagName("input")[0];,o[l[0]].disabled=_.checked,o[l[0]+o.length/2].disabled=_.checked,_.onclick=function(){if(_.checked){var t={};scheduler.form_blocks.time.get_value(e,t,s),,,(+r==+n||+r>=+n&&(0!==i.end_date.getHours()||0!==i.end_date.getMinutes()))&&(,1,"day"));

I did not manage to solve my problem… :frowning:


Please, check in the sample how to redefine function, lines 26-36:

Thanks that helped me a lot. However, it seem I haven’t the same source code as you. Even, when I create a new function with that, it doesn’t work.
Did I badly understand the procedure?

You need to put this function “scheduler.form_blocks.time.set_value” from the snippet before the settings of Scheduler (changing the source file is not good idea if you will update Scheduler).
Have you done it in such way?


Thanks you for your patience. I followed the code you gave me, I forgot put the function (“scheduler.form_blocks.time.set_value” ) thats why I’m getting an error.
Now, I haven’t error, but it’s still not working.

[code]scheduler.form_blocks.time.set_value = function (node, value, ev, config) {
var cfg = scheduler.config;
var s = node.getElementsByTagName(“select”);
var map = config._time_format_order;
var start_date, end_date;

scheduler.form_blocks.time.get_value(node, obj, config);

start_date =;
end_date =;




(as you can see : )

Which version of Scheduler do you use?
It wiil be nice if you could provide with the access to your application.


I am using the 3.3.257 version DHTMLX.Scheduler.NET.( I don’t use the sample mvc 3 dhtmlxscheduler.

How can I do that ?

It’s working now ! it seem was a conflict with calendar picker. So I modified this property :

{ name: "time", height: 200, type: "calendar_time", map_to: "auto" },

to : { name: "time", height: 200, type: "time", map_to: "auto" },

There is a possibility to keep the calendar picker with the full day ?


i have the same question.
What is with type calender_time???

The Script is excelent but this full day plus one day is really confusing the end users.

Hello @IFM,

There is no public API for that, but you can change the initial/end time of the full day events by redefining the “set_value” method of the extension.

It may look like in the following demo:

Here is the important part:

        nulledStart_date =;
        nulledEnd_date =;
        start_date = new Date(, 8, "hour"));
        end_date = new Date(, 19, "hour"));

nulledStart_date/nulledEnd_date are dates of the event with zero time part(hours, minutes). So you can add the required count of hours/minutes to make the initial values you want.


thanks for the response.
I changed now the mini calender script.