Define readonly mode and height size by event

Hi Everyone,

i´m trying to get a custom view in a scheduler, what i need is:

  1. Define the readonly mode in some specific events, i know exists scheduler.config.readonly = true, but is for all the form, ¿There is a way to do this?, ¿There is a way to assign the readonly mode in a scheduler.attachEvent("on… ?

  2. Also define the height for some specific events, i found that exists scheduler.xy.bar_height = x, but is for all the form, ¿There is a way to do this?, ¿There is a way to assign the height in a scheduler.attachEvent("on… ?

  3. Take to the bottom the readonly mode events when a readonly event and one editable event overlaps, ¿There is a way to do that?

I´m going to explain you a little bit, i have some events that i defined like read only events with a value flag in my database and some like editable events, i´d like when a load all events just the ones with the flag were read only and another events were editable, also the read only events had a lower height. Maybe in the image you can understand me.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


  1. event can be set readonly, check the related example
    and doc: … donly_view

  2. currently it’s not possible without modifying the sources, all event-bars must have the same height

  3. you can specify sort function to manage events order, check this example from the package


Thank´s a lot your help was really helpful :smiley: , i achived what i want,

have a nice day!