DefineAction for Invalid doesnt work

Hey guys,
This must be something simple but I just dont get it…

When binding the dp.defineAction for “update”, everything works well for me, as in the examples you provided.

But when I have an action type of “invalid” in my response, the whole xml response appears in an alert box, instaead just the message as define in my custom action. I guess this is the mechanism which should return errors or warnings from the server-side script but in this case Its unnecessary…

Here’s the response:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?><data><action type='invalid' sid='3' message='It didnt work.'/></data>

and the init:

	var message = response.getAttribute("message");
	return true;

The debug console also doesnt show any errors, by the way.
Any ideas?

Component will not show any default response for invalid and error statuses, but such alert can appear when data from server side can’t be parsed as xml correctly.

The structure of response look valid, so problem must be in some extra output - check your code which sets “invalid” response - it must be doing some output , or including some other php files which contains whitespace outside of <php ?> tags ( extra whitespace before <?xml declaration breaks xml parsing in firefox )