Defining a cell combo

I have the following XML to define a cell combo. I want to add the options using javascript after the xml has loaded. Please can you tell me what else I need to add to this definition:

  <row id="type">
    <cell class="form_cell">Agent Type:</cell>
    <cell type="combo"></cell>

Normally when I do this I’m also loading the Combo’s options by XML and then I have the following which works:

  <row id="pricebandid">
    <cell class="form_cell">Price Band:</cell>
    <cell xmlcontent="0" type="combo" source="/priceband/loadpricebandiddesc"></cell>

Since I’m not loading from an XML source I tried to remove the source attribute and the xmlcontent attribute but that does not work.

Please help.


Purvez Desai

Please check … cell_combo