Definition of Full Day

What is the definition of a “full day” event? By that, I mean an event that will appear in the “full day area”

When you click the “Full Day” checkbox, the scheduler changes the start date time to 00:00 and the end date changes to (enddate + 1 and end date time to 00:00), but in a thread it was stated that end date should be 23:59 of the end date.


Checking the Full Day checkbox displays the data correctly in the “Full Day Area”, but the dates in the lightbox look a little confusing from an end-user point of view.

So, if I wish to have a “Full Day” event on 23.02.2013

Do I set my data to

StartDate: 23.02.2013 00:00
EndDate: 23.02.2013 23:59

or should I set my data to

StartDate: 23.02.2013 00:00
EndDate: 24.02.2013 00:00

Is it necessary to set a “Full Day” flag in the loaded data or is it just necessary to create the correct dates and times?

if end_date = 23:59:59 then event counted as time based event ( rendered as event block in day|week view )

if end_date = day+1 00:00:00 then event counted as daily and rendered in multi-day section of day | week view )

Also, it renders differently in month view ( do not show starting time in second case )
So the end_date which need to be set depends on the desired result view.

Thanks, Stanislav. That helps a lot.

I know exactly how I need to handle things now.

Your help is very much appreciated.