Defult Tasb

Hello there,

I am currently trying to get Tabber to remember the last tab i was using. I am using the HTML version but i cannot get setTabActive to work.

here is the code from the opening DIV

Thank you for your help.

“onbeforeinit” executed when tabs not available yet. So setTabActive will not have effect.
You can
a) use “select” attriubute of necessary tab’s DIV
b) use “oninit”
<div id=“a_tabbar” class=“dhtmlxTabBar” onbeforeinit=“a_tabbar.enableAutoSize(false,true);” oninit="a_tabbar.setTabActive(a3); "

Hello there,

Thank you for looking into this, I tried getting this one to work, but unfortunatly no luck. I will have a go at the select option also.


Just spent another 3 hours on this but no luck, it seems to not like the HTML implementation.

Please check attached sample. (53.4 KB)