Delete 1 Item Recurring Event Issue

When one makes a recurring event, the recurring event is listed in the db with the rec_type recording the definition of the recurring event. One may chose to edit one date of a recurring event. For example, every weekday for the next month. I then double click next Monday. The recurring event asks if I am editing the series or just this day. I tell it just this day and the lightbox appears. I then select to delete this day. In the database, the initial record is not changed but a new record is created which has a rec_type of “none” and a event_pid of the original event. This works great however…

When I reopen the calendar, the deleted single event of the recurring event is showing as if it were a new event. What is happening?

Be sure that you have all 3 necessary fields in the database


and all of them are included in scheduler’s data ( in case of connector - all are included in the render command )