Delete All Events

Is there a simple way to delete all events by a given user versus having to delete each event manually?


What exactly are you trying to do? To hide events in scheduler or to remove them from the database?

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Remove them from the database. For some odd reason, I have 100’s of events that were created stating that the software installed correctly. I would really like to get rid of those quickly. Then for future reference it would be nice to be able to mass delete old events by user.

I was hoping I could just do a multi-select in the admin screen, but the grid doesn’t support it.


Replacing your current dhtmlxSchedulerConfigurator.js file with the one I’ve attached will enable multiselect in grid.

You can access your database and perform a query to delete events with some conditions (name, user and so on).

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Ilya (3.14 KB)

Thank you a thousand times over. So much better.