Delete and Update Events not triggered for Data Processor

I have a scheduler linked to a Data Processor which in turn is linked to PHP code which invokes the Google API (google_proxy.php), downloaded from GitHub.
When I insert a new event in the Scheduler, an event is created correctly in the linked Google Calendar.
However, when I Delete or Update the event in the Scheduler, the corresponding event is not deleted/updated in the Google Calendar.

On the server, I am using:

$calendar = new GoogleCalendarProxy(

On the Client, I am using:

var dp2 = new dataProcessor(dataSourceSync);
dp2.setTransactionMode("POST", false);

(where dataSourceSync is the route to the PHP code).

The Scheduler is also linked to another Data Processor, which links to a MySQL table (event). This DP functions as expected.

When you create and save new event, it firstly receives temporary id on the client. Then, when it’s saved to the database it obtains a permanent database id, which is returned with the dataprocessor response … parameters (‘tid’ parameter)

Seems like since you have two dataprocessors, event receives both google calendar event id and a mysql id and the one that comes later rewrites another.
After that event changes can be saved only to one datasouce (either mysql or google calendar), id of which is available

If this is a case, you can try managing the ids using API events of the dataProcessor, backup and restore needed id when needed … event.html … event.html

Thanks Aliaksandre - I will make some changes as you suggest to cache the ID.