Delete buttons on dhtmlxscheduler are not working

I’m using the dhtmlxscheduler with Codeigniter, downloaded this dhtmlxscheduler and Codeigniter sample application from here. At first all the basic things were working fine until I used dhtmlxscheduler extensions for limitation which produced an error of “_currentDate() function not found”. So I downloaded the latest version of dhtmlxscheduler and used the latest dhtmxscheduler.js with Codeigniter sample application. It removed the “_currentDate() function not found” error but now both the delete buttons, the one on the events side menu bar and the other one on lightbox popup windwo, has stopped working. I tried to check the console for errors but there were none. It looks like the buttons are unable to fire the events or are not attached anymore.

I would really appreciate if anyone can help me out with this one.


a) please be sure that you have all js files from the same version. If you have used codeigniter sample - replace all scheduler related js and css files from the new version

b) there are few ways how event deleting can be blocked through custom events, please check your code, are you using onBeforeEventDelete event? And if it used, does it have “return true;” at the end ?

Thanks Stanislav, first point from your reply worked for me. I upgraded all the js files with the newer version but not the css and image files. There was no problem with the js files, due to old css files, the scheduler was unable to show the popup for delete.

How stupid of me that I never thought about upgrading all the files even including the image files and folders.

Thanks again bud, worked like a charm! :slight_smile: