Delete multiple rows

function removeRow(){
            var selId = mygrid.getSelectedId()
            alert(“Select row for deletion!!”);
            return ;
            var answer = confirm(“Are you sure you want to delete row?”);
           if (answer)
           var cid    = document.getElementById(“cname”).value;
             url    :"/adtvworld/viewCampaign",
             type   :“POST”,
             data   :{action:“deleteRow”,selId:selId,cid:cid},
                  jQuery("#rmStatus").fadeIn(“50”).text(“Video Removed !!..”).fadeOut(9000);

This function will delete one row at a time… i need to delete multiple rows select and delete…
Thanks and Regards
Ravindra B

In case of multi-selection in grid ( enableMultiselect ) , getSelectedId returns not a single ID but comma separated list, so you can split at and execute deleteRow for necessary IDs

Also, there is a built in method deleteSelectedRows - which will delete all currently selected rows.