Delete one event or whole set dialogue box

Is it possible for ‘delete’ dialogue box to display options for delete one event or whole set, as for edit in the image attached?


there is no built-in setting for it.
You can define a custom button and add a handler to it. QuickInfo takes buttons configuration from ‘icons_select’ config … _bars.html … event.html

Thanks Aliaksandr for pointing me in the right direction. I’ve managed to create the custom button and attach a function.
scheduler.deleteEvent(id) only deletes a specific event, what should I use for deleting the whole set?


when you handle a click on a recurring event, you can get the event id like following -
Where first part before # is an id of the series, and the second part is the timestamp of the occurence.
Calling scheduler.deleteEvent(“25#1415595600”) will delete only specific occurence of the series. And scheduler.deleteEvent(“25”) will delete the series

Perfect. Thanks