DeleteMarkedTimespan Not Working

I have a timeline tree view scheduler with multiple events. I have marked timespans on the event rows. I am testing the ability to update the marked time span on rows that are changed. The new marked timespan appears to print but the old timespan is not removed properly. Here is a sample of the code used to remove the timespan and add the new one. Attached is pictures of before and after as well as a sample project. To replicate just move the first bar and the marked timespan should adjust to 22:25, as seen in the pictures.

        scheduler.attachEvent("onEventChanged", function (event_id, event_object) {
                days: 1,
                zones: [-420, 255, 1355, 2100],
                sections: { timeline: event_object.section_id },
                css: "dhx_time_block"
        }); (182 KB)

‘deleteMarkedTimespan’ takes id of the timespan to be deleted, not id of the section … edtimespan

The following logic was also tested with no success:

scheduler.deleteMarkedTimespan({ sections: { timeline: event_object.section_id} });

issue have been confirmed. Deleting timespans by configuration doesn’t seem to work as expected.
We’ll investigate the problem,
I’ll post a hotfix in this topic as soon as it will be ready.

.deleteMarkedTimespan requires quite detailed config to work correctly. We’ll simplify it in next update of the component.
Currently you need explicitely specify not only the section but also days, duration and type of timespan to be deleted.
The following config should do the job scheduler.deleteMarkedTimespan({sections: { timeline: event_object.section_id}, days:"fullweek", zones:"fullday", type:"dhx_time_block"})