Deleting customized links

Hello. I implemented the custom links as provided by you. But the problem we can only delete the link by double clicking on gantt controls(circles) .How can I make the whole link clickable. Since i want that if user double clicks on any part of link ,pop up for deleting should be visible? Thank you

I suppose you use the following example of the implementation to render links that way:

In fact, the link elements are rendered with the addTaskLayer method that allows creating any HTML elements in the timeline.
In that snippet, it is not a complete solution. It is only a example of the implementation that can help you to start implementing your solution.
So, there is no functionality to delete links after double-clicking on the addTaskLayer elements. And it will not work correctly for other link types.
I am surprised that you found a way to delete links that way.

You need to manually add the double click event listener and the code to show the popup to confirm deletion.
Here is an example of what you can do:

      link_node.linkId =
      link_node.ondblclick = function (){
          text: "Delete link?",
          callback: function(result){
            if (result){


Here is the updated snippet: