Deleting recurring event


I have a problem when working with recurring events:

  1. create a new recurring event with a few instances,
  2. remove all of the instances one by one with the ‘remove’ button
    After all of instances of recurring event was deleted the event itself is not removed. It still exists in the output JSON. And there are as much child events, as it was instances.

Am I doing something wrong? Or it is a feature? :cry:

It is an expected behavior.
When you deleting event instances - the master event will not be deleted, even when you have marked all it instances as deleted ( can be implemented through custom server side code though )

It is a little bit strange, that master event exists if all of its children were removed. You can neither see it, nor edit in GUI.

Can you make a property (‘remove_empty_events’ for example), that would hide/remove empty events from the output? :slight_smile: I guess you already have it in JS, that parses and renders events

Unfortunately there is no easy way to detect and delete such events.
We will try to add something similar in next version of the scheduler.