Design Question.

I am looking for feedback on an order entry form. Once the user gets to the line items (be it purchase order, sales invoice, quoted items), what in everyone’s experience is the best way to achieve this with DHTMLX?

  • I have looked at QuickBooks’ invoicing screen, I have looked at PeachTree’s invoice screen - I see that I could probably force DHTMLX Grid to be my entry window - but, are there any other suggestions for something that looks a little more pleasant to the user?

Screenshots, sample URLs - etc would be appreciated,
and as always, thank you to all who respond (with help).

Sorry, but your question is not clear.
May be you can provide us some more description or samples or screenshots?

I would like suggestions (visually) how others have used DHTMLX to make screens like an invoicing screen, purchase order screen…

[header fields] <-- obvious

[item] [description] [qty] [unit price] [extended] <---- not so obvious to me

I am migrating a DOS app to DHTMLX, their “line item” section was just limited to 8 lines. One limitation they hated. So… knowing what we can do in GUI, I was asking for someone to share with me for example: “Oh, we use DHTML Grid, and here is a screen show how to did it”, or “We use a scrolling DIV with logic to automatically append another row of DHTML/Input fields, and screen showing how it looks”.

I know there are many ways to skin a cat (dumb saying), but, I am under the gun to get these last couple screens wrapped up - and I am not sure what visually to try/do.



any change you can upload screenshots from current dos app?

Attached are some DOS screenshots I could find which function similar, and a windows 95 screenshot, which is what I am afraid my DHTMLX is going to look like.

There are some results for you:

If you want to get the whole demo, please write to support [a]
Please include link to this thread.

I have emailed twice over the past 30 days w/o reply. (yes, I included the link to this thread/post).

can you send it directly to my gmail account - ozznixon@


Our support team member is away for some time and can’t send you the demo right now. We’ll send it to you in a couple of days. By the way, we didn’t get any emails from you. Please check email address - it should be