Desperate to change language properly!

Hi all,

As I’ve been desperately trying to change language to Spanish but haven’t figured out how to do so yet (the documentation is not too clear to me :blush:), I have done things manually by editing file called “dhtmlxscheduler.js”. This has had excellent results except for keywords “section_description”, which whatever I write will not change. I’m also not able to figure out how to change the “Location” string. Been dealing with this for hours now and I’m a bit frustrated - haven’t been able to change them by searching via grep, nothing at all…

Anybody has a great idea? I’m attaching a capture for you to get the idea, it’s just these two words that are driving me crazy!

Really thankful for all your support in advance!!!


To change localization simply include require locale file, check following sample:

To change name of the sections:

scheduler.locale.labels.section_location = "Location";

where “location” in “section_location” is the name of the section (you can see it in the lightbox configuration).

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