Destructor method throws error

Since version 8.3.8 i get the following error very often and the app freezes.

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'vm')
    at st (suite.js:22:5313)
    at st (suite.js:22:5394)
    at st (suite.js:22:5394)
    at st (suite.js:22:5394)
    at lt (suite.js:22:5606)
    at Gt.Xt [as unmount] (suite.js:22:12751)
    at t.unmount (suite.js:13:24927)
    at e.destructor (suite.js:13:114954)

Before the update i haven’t exprienced it.


It seems to be happening when u have inner layouts and u call the destruct function on it but not convinced about it.

I have the same issue. So I’m wondering whether destructor is a good idea.

seems like u have to wrap the destructor method inside awaitRedraw method. This seems to work for me but makes the code looks very ugly

Could you please, provide a complete demo, where the problem can be reconstructed?

Please, make sure you’re not calling the destructor() for the component that you are currently working with. I mean like destructing a form from its button click event. In this case you need to use the awaitRedraw(), to make sure the click process finished.