Detail page background color same as event


I was able to set differend back color of events based on event data. I would like to do the same for dialog that is opened after double clicking on event. It this possible using some simple way?

I read all related articles but found nothing except adding sections, modification of this dialog but no background setting. When I open the detail event dialog it has always default background color.

Thank you in advance.

You can try to use the next

scheduler.attachEvent("onbeforelightbox",function(id){ if (some_check(id)) scheduler._get_lightbox().style.backgroundColor="red"; return true; })

Thank you,

I was able at least to see the effect of this code. This is what I tested:
scheduler.attachEvent(“onbeforelightbox”, function(eventId) {
var type = 1;
try {
type = scheduler.getEvent(eventId).dto.Type;
catch (err) {
switch (type) {
case 0:
scheduler._get_lightbox().style.backgroundColor = ‘F9D300’;
case 1:
scheduler._get_lightbox().style.backgroundColor = ‘FFE763’;
case 2:
scheduler._get_lightbox().style.backgroundColor = ‘00B700’;
case 3:
scheduler._get_lightbox().style.backgroundColor = ‘B70000’;
return true;

For some strange reason when type is 0 it fails and IE must be restarted. Other types are fine. If you have time you might check if this is my error somewhere or a common problem.
Still this does not look nice so I will forget it. I guess that it is not that simple to do what I need (to have look and feel of edited event) because of many controls on this lightbox so I leave this as a nice to have feature. Maybe this is an idea for version 5.0… ?

Anyway, thank you very much. I am very happy with this component!