Details on product purchased under commercial license


We purchased the DhtmlxScheduler component under commercial license.We implemented the code in our project.
Is there anything else to be done in our project to use the component under commercial license ?What Should we do with the license key?

How will you identify that our project is using dhtmlxscheduler product under commercial license? Is there any secret keys or data put inside the product to identify the product purchased under commercial license.

Please clarify the doubts ?


Renchin, you don’t need any license key to activate/use the DHTMLX component in your project.

You just have to mention our company as an owner of copy rights (this text is included in .js files of dhtmlxScheduler, and you are not allowed to remove it).

Please also keep the license number you received after the purchase. It proves that you have a Commercial License for the scheduler and have the right to include it into your project/application.