Detect mover over on a specific image within a dataview item

I have a dataview template below:

<div id='dataview'>
<div id='value'>#Value#</div>
<div id='xurla'><a class='pop' href='#URL_link_a#'  ' target='blank''><img src='img/urla.png'   class='linkimg' title='#URL_link_a#'></a></div>
<div id='xurlb'><a class='pop' href='#URL_link_b#'  ' target='blank''><img src='img/urlb.png'   class='linkimg' title='#URL_link_b#'></a></div>

I want to perform an action when the user hover’s over the URL Link Image (urla.png) and another action when user hover’s over the other image (urlb.png)

I tried to use the mousemove event…

data.attachEvent("onMouseMove", function (id, ev, html){
  // my code here

but i want to fire it ONLY when i am hovering on the specific URL Link images (NOT the whole data item). How can i do this?

I have used the data.on_click successfully for a div within the dataview.
But what similar option do i have for mouse over?


You may set onmouseover handler directly for link you need:


function onLinkHover(itemId){
/your code here/

Thanks. That worked.

Another question …

By default the mouse gets converted into a hand if i am over any place on the dataview record.
However, when i hover over the Dataview record … i want the mouse to be seen as an “arrow” and want it to turn into a “hand” ONLY when i hover over a link.

How can i do this??


cursor: pointer is defined in the dataview css. You may redefine it in item template or dataview css rule:

.dhx_dataview_default_item, .dhx_dataview_default_item_selected{ cursor:default; }