Develop app with scheduler for iPad


I would like to develop an app for iPad basically with a schedule but I don’t know wich framework I have to choose:
-Scheduler mobile?

Thank you.

Latest version of scheduler mobile is built on base of dhtmlx touch. And includes full dhtmlx touch codebase. So you can include js file of mobile scheduler and use all functionality of dhtmlx touch ( all APIs and all components )

On side note, scheduler 3.5 (desktop edition) has new terrace skin, which provides bigger buttons size, which may be used for iPad like devices.

i have the same problem,

i use dhtmlxscheduler 3.5
i tried to include dhxscheduler_mobile.css and dhxscheduler_mobile.js but it will not work.

depending of if i include it before or after dhtmlxscheduler_dhx_terrace.js the caleder is not even schown.

But its not working at all. I’m not able to create an event. lightbox never appears.

There are two separate versions of scheduler - mobile and desktop.
While they can share the same server side backend - client side code is unique for each of them. So simple adding extra file will not create a mobile scheduler from the desktop one.