Developing for phones

I need to develop a site specifically for phones. A long time ago, dhtmlx touch worked well. And then I think dhx decided not to continue suporting it.
is this still the case? If not then where do I download it? If is no longer supported, then does dhx have another solution?

I have used the 5.1 suite and it build nice desktop UIs. When viewing on a phone, the user needs to zoom in to see the data. Is there something I am missing?

Unfortunately we have no extended version of the dhtmlx for the touch devices.
All the dhtmlx-components works correctly on touch devices. But you need to change the proportions for your built components in case of touch device.

To make the Suite work like Touch, the font size needs to be larger than 14px which is the largest that the Skin Builder allows. Also, there needs to be a way to disable zooming. It would be great if DHX could make an example of iPhone app so I can see how to do it. Sure the components all work in the mobile browsers after pinching and zooming which is not really good for the user. I know DHX can make some seriously good stuff.