Dhmtlx Scheduler Screen Resizing issue with css


I’m facing a problem where i have a case when i update the CSS of events dynamically.
Like in this screen shot.

After when i do resize my browser’s width.

All of my dynamic changes went off.

And i’m back to its default css and everything.

Can anyone tell me how can i overcome this issue?

Also please tell me how i can place text in center of the DAY SCALE HOLDER as NO AVAILABILITY if there is no event available for the day


To answer this question, I need to know how you change default events color.
There is event_class template for it, seems you don’t use it. Check the sample how it works

Use addMarkedTimespan and specify text in ‘html’ property

To get the number of events in active view, use getEvents() method https://docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/api__scheduler_getevents.html
and getState() to get object with the min and max dates of the currently opened view.