dhtlmx schedular and multiple resourses, can I hide resource

My resources consist of people who only work certain days. On days where they are not working and there are no events, I do not really want to display them, so that things are neater. Sorry for all my questions.

Can’t be done without modifications in source code of unit’s view.


  Any thoughts as to where to start with the modification if I were to attempt it?

there is an inner structure
which contains the list of possible columns ( this is list from 3rd parameter of createUnitsView command )

So you can use onBeforeViewChange , and based on the date and mode ( scheduler._date ) alter this list

if (new_mode == “unit”){
…alter list of options…
scheduler._reset_scale(); //update x-scale
return true;

Thanks for the tip.  It looks complicated and may take me a while if ever to figure out.