dhtlmXLayout onResizeFinish event does not fire

I have just upgraded to your latest dhtmlx Suite (version 2.5 pro) and found that the dhtmlXLayout no longer trigger the onResizeFinish event. Has this event been deprecated in the latest version? If so is there another event to replace this one?

I used the following web page code to test for the event and as far as I can see only the onPanelResizeFinish event is triggered.

I would appreciate a quick answer to this as I would like to deploy the update to fix a number of issues with the previous version.

Thank you in advance.

Yours sincerely,

Hoanh Lam

----- Begin html section -----


Left content

Main content

----- End section -----


the event was missed by mistake. The latest dhtmlxlayout.js is attached.

dhtmlxlayout.zip (17.5 KB)