Dhtml Calendar issue

Hi Community,
I am new to dhtml Scheduler…i just tried this stuff…its awesome…I have one issue in this…

1.I need to add both header and footer…so i need to add this calendar between header and footer.

I don’t know how to do it…Below i have attached the screenshots of my app…

Help Me…


Hi dhtmlx Community,

I had add the header and footer in the mobile scheduler with specifying the height and width of the scheduler…

dhx.ui ({



Hi Yuvaraj,

You can use use “rows” layout as a solution:
1 row - header
2 row - scheduler
3 row - footer

dhx.ui ({ rows:[ { template: "header", height: 30 }, { view: "scheduler", id: "scheduler" }, { id: "footer", view: "toolbar", elements:[ {view: "label", label: "Footer"} ] } ] });

Please see dhtmlxTouch docs for more details