dhtml combo box disable autocomplete feature causing problem

Thanks for your quick reply, but the problem is still unsolved. I updated my code like this

/if (filter){

var text=this.getComboText();

if (text!=data[1]){

// this.setComboText(data[1]);

// dhtmlXRange(this.DOMelem_input,text.length+1,data[1].length);






but as i start to type some text in combo box it selected the first option i dont want to select the first option if there are more than one option, but if there is only one option then it gives me control to select that option by pressing the key down.

Secondly, i would like to inform u that i have set the REGULAR EXPRESSION LIKE THIS

var filter=new RegExp(text,“i”);

b/c i want filtering just like LIKE operator works with ‘%Sometext%’ .

Problem confirmed, some additional modification required to change behavior of combo in necessary way.
Please check attached sample.

No attchment found. Plz attach urgent.


Please check attached one
1233051250.zip (16.5 KB)

Thanks, Perfect Solution !