dhtml editor

i have used the editorObject and iam getting the editorContent through “var data =  editor.getContent();” . After getting all data iam passing the data throguh

javascript as:

   document.forms[0].action = “<%=appPath%>/dtpDoc.do?mode=select&editordata=”+data;


Passing value to the action page. But if it exceed line 35 and  i click submit button, the form will not submit. If the line number is below 35 the form will get submitted.

Is there any limit via data passing through editor?

Please suggest.



The issue doesn;t relate to editor.

>> document.forms[0].action = “<%=appPath%>/dtpDoc.do?mode=select&editordata=”+data;

this means that use use GET method . So, as we mentioned in the previous answer - try to use POST - and issue will be solved.

<form method=“POST” …>

The parameters are passed in another way if you use POST. Please, see html and javascript tutorials for details.