dhtml-gantt and Meteor problem

Hi, I managed to integrate dhtmlx-gantt in a meteor project following the guide but I have a problem, the starting and ending dates of the project are fixed (3 days) and I didn’t find any way to modify them. Using “gantt.config.start_date = new Date(2016, 01, 01); gantt.config.end_date = new Date(2016, 03, 03);” only result in an error. Any idea on what I am missing ?

Thanks !

Sorry, but it is not clear, which part of the gantt doesn’t work correctly.

Do you mean that the global scale is fixed to 3days, or some task in the gantt has a fixed size.

The global scale was fixed to 3 days but it works fine now, I don’t really why though. My problem now is that if I remove autopublish and insecure from the MeteorJS project, the UI is displayed but nothing is saved anymore.