Dhtml Grid How to bind the two or more xml file at the diff

Dear sir,

i want to bind the grid with different different condition

i have 3 cell these are sno.class and name

when i select the class (cell contain class like I,II,III etc) when i click the 3rd cell the the name is come from the another student.xml . so on click of 3rd cell how i bind thes cell if the 2nd cell contian I class then the all studentname of the I class is bind in the 3rd cell

please help me it is URGENT

Thank you

The component doesn’t any real “binding” capability. Grid can load data from XML and use it to render view on client side. You can use “combo” column type, which can be configured to load data from separate XML stream.

dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dhtmlxG … 6663540000