DHTML Grid makes a lot of server request

I am using DHTMLGrid 1.5 and using the smartRendering option with the following options:


On the server side I define an ASP page that obtains the XML data for that particular grid,

on this ASP, I store a database record every time the process is requested, in very few minutes

(less than 5 minutes) the process is being requested about 2000 times, this is very annoying

Could any body help to improve this DHTMLGrid behavior


Francisco Mariscal

By default grid loads only necessary count of rows when grid scrolled, so if you scrolling by little - it may execute request for each new row become visible.
To resolve issue - you can specify minimum count of rows requested from the server ( so grid will prefetch data )

gridG.enableSmartRendering(true,100,50); //each loading request will load at least 50 rows, so we will have maximum 2 request per grid