dHTML Grid

Hiding columns with setColumnHidden() with fastOperations turned on does not hide data rows.

Does NOT work:

mygrid.startFastOperations(); //turn off re-rendering each line – causes bug in setColumnHidden()

    for (var i=0; i<=3; i++) {

        if ( i < numToHide ) { //convert to zero based

     mygrid.setColumnHidden (i, true);

        } else {

     mygrid.setColumnHidden( i, false);




(If I comment out the fastoperations lines, everything works as expected.)


If startFastOperations() mode is enabled grid’s events are not generated. Some grid functionalities use internal events to display grid correctly. That’s why setColumnHidden() is not working.
Could you please specify what for you need to use setColumnHidden with startFastOperations() mode enabled? Using them together will not increase grid’s perfomance.

I guess I don’t need it if it doesn’t have any performance improvements.  I turned on fastOperations to do multiple column resizes, and it made a dramatic difference, so I was hoping that it would also help setColumnHidden.  (I have an option where users can hide the first x number of columns… I asssumed that if there were multiple columns to hide, fastOperations being on would be faster than hiding a column, and then re-drawing the grid, hiding the next column, redrawing, etc.)


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