DHTML Layout is not work for IE and working with FF.


I am using the DHTML layout API to create the layout, attached the grid object and accord object in the layout. It is working fine with FF (Firefox) but not show the layout on IE (Internet explorer).I used the debug script also but not getting the right finding for the issue.
Attached the important JS which is used in the code please can you help me out in this issue.

Description of code:
Jsp :

  1. groupalldetails.jsp
    JSP has the onload method, which is call the groupdetailGrid.js
  2. groupdetailGrid.js (This script generate the layout, grid and accord for the page)
  3. dhtmlxcommon.js
  4. dhtmlxcontainer.js
  5. dhtmlxlayout.js (for create the layout)
  6. dhtmlxgrid.js
    code.zip (35.8 KB)


could you provide the sample that doesn’t require server-side scripts.

Hi Alex,

Sorry, I don’t have such example without server-side JS. I debugged the layout JS and find out ‘tdW’ (td.style.width = tdW+“px”:wink: line no-356 (dhtmlxlayout.js)- variable problem so please can you suggest what to do in this case basically tdW is coming negative (-) value.


Sorry, without the demo I can’t help. And you can create the demo without the server-side scripts- layout is client-side component and doesn’t require any server-side.