dhtml menu color selection


previously i have raised a question which was:

Suppose i have 3 items in main menu like Home, Profile,Development and there are sub menus under all these.

If select submenu under profile main menu and i want to display that the main menu Profile should be selected with some color

sothat user should be able to identify the open page belongs to that particular main menu.

What code should i write.

Please tell its urgent.



And your answer was:

Menu has not any special way to mark elements.

When data loaded from XML you can use “className” attribute to set custom css class for menu item.

In case of adding element by js command, the same can be done through 4th parameter of js command.

As i think you are not getting my question actually i want

suppose i have three items like A,B,C in main menu bar and the background color of main menu bar is pink ok.

Now there are two sub items under A main menu bar wich is a1,a2. when move my mouse over A main menu item its background color would be red. As soon as i remove my mouse over this main menu item its color would chnage to the previous color pink.currently it is working.

Now i want if i select a1 item under A main menu item and the as i click on the a1 item it navigate to the related page ok lets i come to the a1 screen. on the a1 screen main menu bar is displaying , at that moment A should have the red color so that user can understand he/she was come from A main menu item.

So this is possible please help me as early as possible.



There is no built-in support for such functionlaity.
As it was mentioned in original email, you can assign custom css to the element ( which cas works as marker ) , but it can be done only during creation. There is no way to change visual appearance of menu items after menu object created.