dhtml menu not working in firefox

Hi Im using dhtmlxMenu ok in IE but the same menu it’s not working properly in Firefox. Only the first element of the first menu option its working onClick.

Hope to make myself understand. Here some sample code:

function doOnload(){

    aMenuBar=new dhtmlXMenuBarObject(document.getElementById(‘menu’),‘100%’,24,"");








<?xml version="1.0" ?>







Only the “Cambiar de Proyecto” menuItem has its functionality.

Thanks in advance.


the onClick event should occur for all items. Please, see attached sample.

sample.zip (22.5 KB)

You’re right, it works, the problem is that first menu option calls  window.location.href=‘indice.asp’; and the rest of the options call document.contenido.location.href=“paneles.asp?urlcentral=proyecto.asp?id=0”; just changing URL to the another asp page. For some reason this isn’t working in firefox.

Thank you for helping.

So…The issue is solved, isn’t it ?

Yes, the menu does its work.