DHTML - Scheduler Javascript error - Incorrect XML

I have downloaded the DHTML - Scheduler and unzipped the files in my php workspace. When I tried to run the 01_recurring_events.html, I got following exception in Javascript.

Error: no element found

Source File: file:///C:/CIT/Sateesh/dhtmlxScheduler/samples/extensions/php/events_rec.php?uid=1257946206049&timeshift=-330

Line: 37, Column: 3

Source Code:


It looks like the scheduler.load(“php/events_rec.php?uid=”+scheduler.uid()); is pointing to the file URL instead of the http URL. When I run the php file using http url, it generated the XML file. Since it is not happened in this case, I got exception.

Kindly anyone help me on how to configure this samples.

Thanks in advance,

Sateesh B.


please, try to load the page with scheduler using http:// too.

Thanks a lot. I have identified that after posting this question. The DHTMLX scheduler really works fine. Once again thanks for your team.