dhtml spreadsheet - user quote chars prob

On the dhtml spreadsheet, I found that pasting on entering fields with un-paired or un-even number of quote characters causes sheet reloading problems.

So, I request that the quotes entered by the user are escaped somehow so that
line 56 of dhtmlxsh_loader.js <<< callback(eval(’(’ + response.xmlDoc.responseText + ‘)’)); >>>
will always work.


please contact us at support@dhtmlx.com
There is an updated version of spreadsheet which must fix the above behavior.

All ok now.
I hotfixed V1 by addslashes() in the - file “grid_cell_connector.php” - line 516.

As shown here …

public function cellToOut($obj) {
$result = “{ “row”: “{$obj[‘rowid’]}”, “col”: “{$obj[‘columnid’]}”, “;
$result .= ($obj[‘style’] != ‘’) ? " “style”: “{$obj[‘style’]}”, " : “”;
$result .= ““text”: “”.addslashes($obj[‘data’]).””, “calc”: “”.addslashes($obj[‘calc’]).”" }";
return $result;