Dhtml Tree showing slash instead of Yen sign in japanese env

I am analyzing the dhtmlx controls and created some sample pages using classic ASP. However i noticed that the tree is showing "" instead of Yen sign in japanese environment. In japanese culture the slash sign should be replaced with Yen sign.
This tree is being constructed from a Windows application and being read using JSON on the webpage. While creation of the tree I am using the japanese keyboard and adding the yen sign in treenode.

Has anyone already faced this issue or has the solution?
Here is the configuration I am using
Session.CodePage = 65001
Response.CharSet = “utf-8”
Tree escape mode is also “utf8”

Thanks in advance.

I can be wrong, but I think the utf-8 has separate char code for Yen sign.
The json data, are you sure that it was written in utf encoding?

I have verified the JSON data. and as far as i have search for I came to know that we need to use utf-8 for unicode support. In my web application, it needs to support multiple languages (practically all) so let me know what could be configuration settings or solution for this issue.

I got the workaround. My CSS was pointing Font-Family to “Tahome” and I changed it to “Ms Gothic”. This actually solved the issue, however I was wondering if it is really a clean fix as this web site look depends on the designers team and who i guess not supposed to do this kind of research before finalizing the layout and looks.