getting error —> too much recursion in mozilla, Stack overFlow in IE7

Trying to add child element by function aFunc(). It is adding child element infinite times


function aFunc(id)





tree=new dhtmlXTreeObject(“treeboxbox_tree”,“100%”,“100%”,0);








            tree.loadXML(“AAA Sorry Page”);    


Kindly let me know how can I add child elements to parent node or element

In your code, each time when new item opened �, you are creating new item with the same ID, which will result in non unique IDs and may case infinite recursion, same as in your case.�Please be sure that value , which used as ID of new item is unique per each item.�

No, I am giving unique ID only.

Parent ID – wwww
Child ID – wwww/aaa

in mozilla it is pointing to these error lines… based on this can you assist me

this.userData=new cObject(); from function dhtmlXTreeItemObject(itemId,itemText,parentObject,treeObject,actionHandler,mode){}
this._setSrc=function(a,b){ a.src=b; } from dhtmlXTreeObject.prototype.enableIEImageFix=function(mode){} methods
Hope this helps to resolve my problem.

Previously was getting whole data from XML file… but that was taking time to load my tree… now I want to implement same thing by Ajax. mean I will get Fist level data from XML file, second level data want to add by  tree.insertNewChild(); so that my tree grow dynamically.

In your code snippet both parent and child IDs are hardcoded, so when such code will be executed for second time - it will cause non unique ID for child item.�The correct code may look as�function aFunc(id)�{ �� var nid = (new Date()).valueOf();� tree.insertNewChild(id,nid,“aaa”,0,0,0,0,‘SELECT’); �}>>second level data want to add by tree.insertNewChild(); so that my tree grow dynamically.You can use dyn. loading, when branches loaded from server side separatly, on-demand.�� � � � � � � � �http://dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dhtmlxTree/samples/loading_processing_data/tree_dyn_loading.html?un=1223908220000