We have implemented simple tree from static json file.

Implemented in following way…

it runs fine.

But when we implement big tree using the example in below link
dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dhtmlxT … .html#code

but we cant implement this in our local m/c.
Pls help us.

Actually our application requirement be generate very big tree

in which tree where no of parents node more than 2200
and child node also be display according to the each parents node.
also drag & drop, add,edit,delete functionality also be present.
thats why We want to implement the above.

pls help us how to implement this.

Also another information …our application j2ee(jsp-servlet) based.
so also let us know how to form the data from server side.

If we understand and solve any demo part of the above issue.
then we want to buy you tool.
So pls help us asap

Thanks & Regards


both “Smart Parsing” and “Distributed Parsing” features require PRO edition. Tree in Standard edition doesn’t support this functionality.

You may test the evaluation version and decide whether Tree matches your requirements. To get the evaluation version please contact us by email.