dhtmlCalendar positioning issue with firefox


We have specified one of the column type of dhtmlGrid as dhxCalendar. When that particular column is clicked in IE, calendar popup is openening just beside to the column.This is working fine. But in firefox the claendar popup positioning is completely different from that of IE.
It is opening at some distance from the column.

Please suggest as it becomes crucial for one of our projects.


Can you provide some kind of sample, or demo link, where problem can be reconstructed?

Please find the attached file for issue replication
Sample.zip (150 KB)

We have tested the sample in FireFox (v.3.6.3) - the calendar opens in a correct position (screenshot is attached)
test.zip (43.8 KB)

I am sorry, I forgotten to mention the version of firefox. We are using firefox2.0.
Scroll the scroll bar till last column and then click the startDate to replicate the issue. The popup is opening extreme right.
I just upgraded to firefox3.0 version and the same is working fine.
is there any problem with old version of firefox?

The logic for detecting position of element uses some APIs which may not present in FF 2.x, in such case component fallback to more rough detection routines.

Is support of FF 2.x critical in your case ?

Support of Firefox 2.x is critical to us as the product is already in the production environment with couple of customers. So it is not possible to convince all the client for migration to Firefox3.x . Please do the needful.

Try to use the attached js file instead of the original one.
It must work correctly for any version of FF
dhtmlxcommon.zip (5.66 KB)

:smiley: It’s working fine now. Thanks for the solution.