dhtmlCombo doesn´t deploy


I have a dhtmlCombo witch load a XML, getting data from a service.

Something similar works with dhtmlTree, but the Combo doesn´t deploy.

What’s wrong?

Note: the “loadXMLSentence” method generate a line like: combo.loadXML( url );
And the url points to the service.


var combo=dhtmlXCombo(document.getElementById('comboLista'), "cboxLista", 200); combo.enableFilteringMode(true);

Can I specify what exactly doesn’t work? It is your script or method loadXML() is caused, but not correctly works?

Hello Darya,

It’s just doesn’t show in the html page.

The url works, and the method loadXMLSentence() that generate this url is similar to another one that deploys a dhtmlXTree correctly.

It only works using the “var combo=dhtmlXComboFromSelect(…)”, writing the xml … directly in the .html.

When I try to use a “file.xml” whith the “var combo=dhtmXCombo(…)” and "combo.loadXML( “file.xml”) ", I’ve got the same problem.

pd.: Sorry about my poor english :blush:

We need completed demo to help you on your example:
docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=othe … leted_demo

I abandoned the idea of uses a service.

Trying to put directly a xml code, generated in a java class, and send to the html using a “insert” tag, the ComboBox works correctly.

Now, I’ve got doubts about how to use the combo…

For example, using the ComboBox in a form, How can I pick an item and to send to the server ?? Did dthtmlxCombo has his own methods ??

Can I use something like this ??

If it is convenient to you using a combo in form - for you it will be simpler. And it is possible to get a combo from a form the nest way:
var dhxCombo = myForm.getCombo(“myCombo”);
And then use combo methods.


funtion onClick()

Then I can use the textlabel with ognl meths.
Sooooo easy… I don’t know why I was trying to get me in troubles.

But, I’ve got another question … I need the arrow icon was not static, and it’s depends on the web browser. Can it be done ??

( maybe I have to open a new topic… )

Yes, if it is not difficult, create a new one and provide some screenshots of this differeneces.

Ok, thank you!