dhtmlCombo Examples


I have downloaded and installed the ComboBox package.

When running examples (index.html==> Samples, Initialization from Select, XML, JavaScript)

the From XML initialized ComboBox is empty.

I have also tried to run the conbo_init.html page by itself just by doubel clicking the file - with the same result the From XML combo box is emty.

But if the data.xml file is removed the JS error occures: The system cannot locate the resource specified.

Which tells me it does see the file.

How can I resolve this issue with iniyialization from XML file?

Thank you,


Can you please provide more  infor about which browser was used?
So far there was no report about similar problem so it may some browser specific issue.
Also do you load samples from local filesystem? ( in second case IE can block some content based on your settings, so usage of http links is strongly recomended )
All samples included in package are the same as available online so it pretty strange if the same sample works online and don’t work from your installation.


We are using IE v6.  And yes, we are trying to load files from the local filesystem.  This is actually what happens when you install the examples - they do work from the local file system.

However, the same sample does work online - this is true.

Not sure what is causing it.  It just displays an empty list box.  Tried on other developers machines - same results - emty list box for XML initialization.

If any suggestions, please let us know.