dhtmlCombo issues in FireFox


Combo box is working fine in IE, but not in firefox.

Issue 1) onChange, the option value is not set

Issue 2) Second combo box, does act like a normal combo box.

Again, its working in IE, but not in Firefox.

Please help


the local combo samples works in both IE and FF. Please, take a look at the combo samples in the package dhtmlxCombo/samples/

So, please provide the sample to re-create the problem.

Please find the sample with issue. temp.htm works fine in IE, but not in FF

comboTest.zip (20.6 KB)


combo works correctly. There are the issues in your code:

- function getComboHandle isn’t called for the second select,

- also select ids are equal for both selects. Ids must be unique.

Thanks for your quick reply, Alex.

If we have multiple combos, then do we need to give separate ids for each?? I tried that too, still it didnt work.

The second combo is not acting as expected. I dont understand, why getComboHandle is not called for the 2nd one.

Again, lets consider first one. Onchange(), I am not able to access the value selected in the first combo. [I mean “fromCompanySvcAccountId”].

form does not have the element for the (first) select. This issue is present only in FF and not in IE. The sample code attached earlier works perfectly in IE.

I have no clue, why its not working in FF. Please share if you more info…

Thanks alot,



you can try to modify initDropDowns as follows

function initDropDowns() {
var form = document.forms[0];
if(form != null){
var ele = form.elements;
for(var i = ele.length-1;i>=0; i–){
if(ele[i].id.indexOf(“accountCombo”)!=-1) /if select elements have for example accountCombo and accountCombo1 ids/
z= getComboHandle(ele[i].id);

After combo initialization the selected value can be got by getActualValue() method:

function autoLookup() {

alert(“selected value=”+this.getActualValue())


One more remark-

after combo is initialized, the select element is removed (it doesn’t exist any more) - combo creates new containers. So, that’s why the form doesn’t have the element for the 1st select.