DhtmlGantt Right side blude bar hide

In DHTMLX Gantt chart

I need to show all hierarchy structure tasks in left panel like

  1. Parent
    1.1 SubParent
    1.1.1 Tasks

But Right side panel i need to show only child tasks not parent and subparent.
Need: 1. I need to hide strategic Definition and Obtain/create… right side blue bar only.!
Refer this image

Hello Balakrishnan,
You can hide project task bars in the timeline by using CSS:

.hide_project, .gantt_project{
  display:none !important;

Here is an example of how it works:

But there is no way to hide the rows that belong to project tasks if you don’t hide them in the grid. And there is no way to create different row height as Gantt uses that parameter in internal calculations.